Push, pull or drag in your old mower and save up to £300!


No matter what condition it is in (it doesn’t even have to be working!)

So how does it work?

Each Toro lawnmower has an associated trade-in value. The Toro Lawnmowers included in the promotion are shown in the table below.

To take advantage of this promotion, simply bring in your old lawnmower, complete a short form and the trade-in value will be deducted from the retail price when you purchase.

If your local dealer doesn’t have the mower you’d like in stock, don’t worry, they can simply order one in for you. But don’t delay, the promotion ends on 31st August 2017, so why not Trade Up to Toro today?

* See Terms and Conditions for full details.

Promotion runs 31/03/17 to 31/08/17.

How do I Trade-up to Toro

If you have a petrol mower already, take it with you to the dealer and they can arrange the trade-in there and then.

If you have an electric mower, you don’t have to take it to the dealer, just make a note of the make and model number, and take a photo on your phone/camera and bring that in to a dealer instead.

Qualifying Models

Not sure which mower is right for you?

Ask your local Toro Dealer for advice or browse the full range at www.toro.co.uk/homeowner

2017 Qualifying Models EngineTrade In Discount (incl VAT)
2095048cm Recycler MowerToro£50
2095248cm Recycler Mower, ESToro£50
2095555cm Recycler MowerB&S£50
2095655cm Recycler Mower, ESB&S£50
2095855cm Recycler Mower, BBCB&S£50
2095955cm Smartstow® Recycler mowerB&S£50
2096155cm Smartstow® Recycler mower, ADSB&S£50
2096055cm All-Wheel-Drive Recycler mowerB&S£50
2083648cm Super Recycler MowerToro£75
2083848cm Super Recycler Mower, ESToro£75
2083748cm Super Recycler MowerHonda£75
2079253cm Super Recycler MowerB&S£75
2079753cm Super Recycler Mower, ESB&S£75
2083548cm Super Bagger MowerToro£75
2089953cm Super Bagger MowerHonda£75
2089753cm Super Bagger Mower, BBCHonda£75
2097576cm Timemaster Mower, BBCB&S£100
2097776cm Timemaster Mower, ES, BBCB&S£100
74560DH140 92cm Lawn TractorB&S£100
74585DH210 102cm Lawn Tractor B&S£200
74596DH220 102cm Lawn Tractor B&S£200
74670SW3200 81cm Timecutter Zero Turn Tractor Toro£200
74675SW4200 107cm Timecutter Zero Turn Tractor Toro£300
74680SW5000 127cm Timecutter Zero Turn Tractor Toro£300
74650ZS3200S 81cm Timecutter Lever Zero Turn Toro£200
74655ZS4200S 107cm Timecutter Lever Zero TurnToro£300
74657ZS4200T 107cm Timecutter Lever Zero TurnToro£300
74661ZS5000 127cm Timecutter Lever Zero TurnToro£300
74864X4850 122cm Timecutter HD Zero Turn MowerToro£300
74866XS4850 122cm Timecutter HD Zero Turn with MyRide™Toro£300
74865X5450 137cm Timecutter HD Zero Turn MowerToro£300
74867XS5450 137cm Timecutter HD Zero Turn with MyRide™Toro£300

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